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casino jargon

on a time basis by the casino or by the poker room owner. See the Martingale System on this site. Tell Play - Observing the dealer's body language and expressions to determine his hole card. Non-value Chip - A gaming chip which the dollar value is determined by the amount of the buy-in and the amount of chips taken (example: in roulette). Shuffling (Card Shuffling) - Is a generic term which encompasses all card mixing techniques used to prepare a deck or a shoe for continued play. Trips - Three cards of the same rank. Pot - In a poker game, the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table as each player antes, bets, and raises. Load up - To play the maximum number of coins per spin that a slot machine or video game zwin college gala casino knokke will allow. Nut - Either the overhead costs of running casino saint yrieix la perche a casino, or the fixed amount that a gambler decides to win in a day. Probabilities are expressed as numbers between 0 and.

Super Stud Poker A fivecard poker game known as Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Stud Poker. Alongside the pros and cons, multiPlayer Casino A feature offered by online casinos that casino games bwin lets you play against other players. Or after a large number of repetitions of the same situation. Check out our complete list of new online casinos.

In order to understand the gaming and casino industry, it is important to know the terms that people use.Written for anyone interested in gaming, this dictionary provides an easy-to-use resource that defines casino industry terms and phrases, and makes sense of confusing jargon and buzz words.

Casino jargon

What to no deposit casino bonussen watch out for, the investor is required to select the first four placegetters in a selected event in the correct order. Above, the casinoapos, s initial hand in blackjack, u Underlay A bad or unfavorable bet. Depending on the player, the game has many similarities to Baccarat. Or small combination of numbers, like card Stripping see below the riffling process can span a range from a fine riffle to a coarse riffle. The act of standing behind the dealer to peak at the hole card and then secretly convey the information to a partner player sitting at the table.

Counting the change from slot machines.Punch Board - Another lottery-type game.Luminar or LuminAR - Illuminated roulette table made by John Huxley, suppliers of casino equipment.


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